Rehabilitation & Wellness

At Skylos Sports Medicine, we highly value your personal insights on what you have observed and feel may be troubling your companion as you know him or her best. Our philosophy on how to best serve our patients revolves about taking the quality time needed to learn about the individual canine and guardian. In doing so, we are able to discover positive motivations, create patient/family-specific treatment plans, as well as do our best to provide a safe relaxing environment. We also want to allow you and your companion the ability to get to know us as well, as this creates the team aspect of rehab care. Our Skylos philosophies and approach, combined with our highly talented and compassionate therapists, make our rehabilitation team uniquely effective and successful.

  • Our rehabilitation team prides itself on treating each patient as an individual that is thoroughly re-assessed with each visit. This way, our treatment plans are truly catered and reflect appropriate level homework. This also ensures that therapy will be performed that day in accordance with progress or concerns rather than following a pre-set protocol.
  • We also pride ourselves on the deep level of involvement we have with our Skylos patients. Our surgical and rehabilitation teams work in unison, and this combination provides the best of both worlds expertise for your companion. The intimate scale of our practice means each of us will know you and your companion, providing excellent continuity of care no matter which team member assists you.
  • We strive to make rehabilitation therapy a positive and bonding experience for both you and your companion, because we recognize the rehab process as valuable time and an emotional commitment for you.
  • We believe in the value of educating you about the how and why of our therapies, as we continually further educate ourselves on the evolving art of rehabilitation and sports medicine.
  • We strongly encourage you to be present during each rehabilitation session, as this is an ideal opportunity for you to provide support to your companion, learn hands on techniques, and receive guidance throughout the process.

At Skylos Sports Medicine, the initial rehabilitation consultation consists of an exam with musculoskeletal/neurological focus. This involves gait and movement analysis, palpation, joint range of motion and soft tissue mobility assessments, and body structure evaluation. We will also ask your dog to perform various exercise movements as a means of testing ability and nervous system function. Equally important during our exam, we assess for discomfort(s) and note all structures affected (both primary and compensatory). In addition, a general health exam, laboratory tests, and radiographs are incorporated to assess any concurrent health problems. The in-depth nature of our exam process ensures the entire patient is considered, as one body system relies upon the next for harmony in function.

Prior to initiation of the therapeutic plan, we will discuss in depth the condition(s) affecting your companion and the steps we will take together toward recovery. Therapies, exercise practice, and an introductory home plan are usually a part of your dog’s first visit. With subsequent sessions we will constantly be evaluating progress and comfort, and will continue to update the therapeutic plan and our therapies we perform for your companion based on these new assessments.