Dr. Dave’s Birdhouses help raise money for Virginia-Maryland veterinary student scholarships and animals in need.

Dr. Dave Hummel's BirdhousesHummel bird house 1hummelbirdhouse3
When not performing surgery and consulting with clients at Skylos Sports Medicine, Dr. Hummel enjoys building custom birdhouses in his spare time. Two specially built houses were recently donated to the Virginia-Maryland Veterinary College. One house was auctioned off at the 14th annual Silent Auction for the Peter Eyre Scholarship Endowment (held at VVMA meeting Feb 26th) and the other will be auctioned at the 4th annual Veterinary College Casino Night held on March 5th. Proceeds from their sale will directly support veterinary student scholarships and the Compassionate Care Fund at the vet school. The Compassionate Care Fund provides assistance when an animal’s owner cannot meet the financial needs of treatment, and supports the care of Good Samaritan cases brought to the Veterinary Hospital at Virginia Tech. Dr. Hummel also sells his birdhouses on Etsy.com, his shop name is drdavesbirdhouses.