3D Models and Surgical Planning

Practice makes perfect, they say. But how do you plan for a patient with bilateral complex angular limb deformities whose wrists are severely sub luxated? … A 3D model of course! Dr. Hummel was able to put Dr. Fink’s passion for creating 3D models to the test when it came to helping Max (formally known as Minsu) overcome his physical ailments.

Max, an approximately three year old Tosa Inu, also known as a Japanese Mastiff, was rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea where confinement and malnutrition during development likely resulted in the severe deformity of his front legs. After a tragic start to life, Max hit the jackpot with being rescued from this farm and placed in a loving new home that was ready to tackle the long battle of helping correct his forelimb deformities.

Tailoring a treatment plan to an individual patient’s condition is a key aspect of providing patients with the highest quality care. When Dr Hummel met Max, he knew this case would need a creative approach to prepare for. Max was referred for a bilateral forelimb CT scan. This would allow Dr Hummel to see the severity of Max’s condition and accurately create a plan to improve the use of Max’s forelimbs. Using this scan, Dr. Fink jumped in to create a 3D model of Max’s left forelimb – the first leg Dr. Hummel would address in the operating room. Once the model was complete, Dr. Hummel printed the model and began practicing his surgical approach. Ultimately, a pancarpal arthrodesis and angular limb deformity correction using a large plate were performed on the left side.

Click here to see the 3D model in action!

Printed 3D model post surgical correction

Prior to meeting Dr. Hummel, Max had a previous surgery performed on the right forelimb. However in order to provide Max with proper function of his front legs, a revision was necessary on the right. A new 3D model was created by Dr. Fink from the CT scan for Max’s right forelimb. Repeating his process for the left leg, Dr. Hummel printed the model and began planning for the second surgery on the right leg.

A little over a year after starting this surgical journey, Max has healed and is off on a new journey – to enjoy each day in the wonderful home that has helped him through each procedure. His owner is ready for Max to enjoy life as all dogs should – camping trips, playing with other dogs and enjoying the great outdoors with the warm weather that has arrived. He recently even completed a two mile charity walk – quite the improvement from his abilities a little over a year ago!