Inaugural Laboratory Weekend at the Translational Medicine Institute at CSU

Translational Medicine. What Is It?
Translational medicine is the scientific effort to accelerate biomedical research from “bench top to bed side”. It relies on the collaborative effort from researchers and doctors, including veterinarians, using a multi-disciplinary, multi-species approach to develop new diagnostic tools and therapies to benefit humans and animals alike.  Colorado State University has just completed the Translational Medicine Institute (TMI), a 110,000 square foot hospital dedicated to the advancement of medicine,  and it is breathtaking. The mission statement of this new hospital, as noted on their website, is: “To improve the lives of animals and humans through biologic therapies created via the collaborative work of leading scientists and clinicians; to expedite the availability of these therapies, and to promote education related to these goals.”
Dr. Peter Lotsikas had the honor of being part of the medical education team from Arthrex Vet Systems to teach the inaugural laboratory in the new facility. Dr. Peter and Skylos look forward to working with the TMI on future projects to promote animal and human health.
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