Dr. Dave’s Two-Day Mentor Trip

Each year veterinary students attending Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine have the opportunity to participate in a two-day mentor program. This program is sponsored by the Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia Veterinary Medicine Associations. The break from the rigorous curriculum is a welcomed opportunity for students to hear first hand experience from those who know the veterinary field best.

Our very own, Dr. Hummel was back again for his fourth year of mentoring. As a previous student and participant, he is able to inspire these eager mentees in a one on one setting. His love for teaching brings him back each year to answer questions about internships, residency and specializing. He also offers insight on topics he regrets ignoring as a student as well as less obvious topics such as study habits and student loans. Aside from mentoring, Dr. Hummel enjoys that this annual trip provides him time to catch up with the other mentors.

For Dr. Hummel it is the start of another exciting mentoring year! He encourages his mentees to continue the relationship beyond the two-day program via regular communications and even the opportunity to shadow him as he helps patients in his daily routine. Just this past spring a previous mentee completed a two-week externship at Skylos learning the ins and outs of orthopedic surgery. This type of personal coaching inspires Dr. Hummel as he helps students develop from inexperienced first years to prepared fourth years.